5 ways a business loan can benefit you these holidays

Anthony Bacic

Thursday, 03 December 2020

With just a few weeks to go until Christmas, Aussies are starting to think about what to buy and bake. Some have started shopping. Most probably haven’t. In 2019, it was predicted that two million Aussies would wait until Christmas Eve to start shopping.

This year, things are less predictable, but that’s all the more reason to prepare in advance. If you haven’t taken finance out yet, don’t worry—we can help you secure cash in as little as a day.

Here are a few of the reasons you might like to think about taking out a business loan in the lead up to Christmas day:

Market, promote, capitalise

With travel plans put on hold this year, lots of Aussies have extra cash up their sleeve and some might even splurge more than they usually would for their loved ones this Christmas. Now is the time to ramp up marketing, offer enticing deals and promote, promote, promote.

If you’re short on cash, finance is a great way to fill any gaps in marketing and invest in your brand so that Christmas shoppers know where to turn for great gifts and bonus discounts.

Stock up

Too many customers this Christmas? That’s a good problem to have. Take advantage of the opportunity to serve a larger audience and start the new year off strong. Having too little cash on hand means missing out on opportunities and potentially leaving customers disappointed.

If your customers are forced to shop elsewhere due to limited stock in your store, this can have a lasting impact on your brand. If you want to stay front of mind for your customers, investing now is a great way to retain them.

Stock up on inventory and see the profits roll in! Currently, some lenders are also offering repayment holidays so you can borrow now and pay your lender back with profits next year. For more information on this limited-time offer, reach out online or give us a call on 1300 780 568.

Improve efficiency

An efficient team is the difference between crushing it this Christmas and falling behind. Everyone wants to start the new year off strong, so getting ahead with the right resources is crucial to your success.

Whether you need new assets to get the job done more efficiently, or a bigger team to help you achieve end-of-year goals, take out a business loan to hire up and invest in the right tools.


Maybe you’ve taken out finance previously and have too much of your cash flow tied to repayments. Refinancing existing debt can help you gain a more cost effective solution and save you money.

We make it simple to find out if refinancing will benefit you. With our free loan finder, instantly compare your rate with others on the market, from 80+ Aussie lenders.


With another year done and dusted (and no ordinary one, either), you and your team deserve a break! You got through what’s likely your business’ most challenging year, and that alone is worth celebrating.

While some businesses are saving money by skipping company Christmas parties altogether (which is perfectly fine, too), you might still want to throw a little something, and there are flexible finance solutions available to make that happen.

Get a business loan in time for Christmas

It’s not too late to enquire about business finance for Christmas time. Instantly access 80+ Aussie lenders to find a rate and solution perfect for your end-of-year goals!

From ours to yours, Merry Christmas!

Anthony is a Private Lending Specialist with over 10 years experience in the finance industry. He loves helping clients and SMEs achieve their business dreams with start-up loans, and tailoring finance solutions to maximise their opportunities.

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